About Bristol Child Friendly City

Children are a kind of indicator species. If a city is successful for children, then it will be successful for all people

Enrique Peñalosa

The Bristol Child Friendly City Group was formed in 2015 by three grassroots organisations: the Architecture Centre, Playing Out and Room 13, with support from colleagues at the University of Bristol and Bristol City Council.

The focus of the group is on the public and civic life of children (especially those under 14), asking how can ALL children be better considered in the physical and democratic ‘space’ of Bristol?

There are three main aims:

1/ All children have safe, independent mobility and access to the city of Bristol and its resources, including streets, communities, green space, the city centre, play, sport, arts, culture/youth culture

2/ All children feel heard and have a say in decision making on things that affect their lives.

3/ Adults in positions of power make decisions with all children in mind.

The Bristol Child Friendly working group partners are: 

Architecture Centre

Playing Out

Room 13 Harclive