Bristol Child Friendly City on BBC Breakfast

Following Bristol's first Child Friendly City Symposium in November, the Bristol CFC Network has attracted national attention and last Friday BBC Breakfast broadcast a live feature about it. The feature explored a range of child friendly city themes and included:
  • three live interview sessions from the Architecture Centre/ Bristol harbourside
  • film footage of children enjoying Playing Out sessions on Bristol streets
  • a fantastic short film from the Room 13 children at Hareclive Academy in Harcliffe.


View the BBC Breakfast feature  

(contains three short films broadcast at 6.50, 7.50 and 8.50am on Friday 22 January 2016)

Our thanks to all the following interviewees:

George Ferguson, Bristol Mayor
Amy Harrison, Learning & Participation Manager, Architecture Centre
Dr Angie Paige, University of Bristol
Kate Staniforth, Street Play Activator, Playing Out
Tim Gill, Rethinking Childhood
Ingrid Skeels, Shani Ali and all the children from Room 13 Studio (Hareclive Academy) featured in the short film.


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